Special Traction

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While chiropractic manipulation is performed in a split second with traditional adjustments, or in split seconds using instrument adjusting tools, joint capsules in your spine sometimes need to be under tension and load over time in order to change their ability to move properly, or their orientation. For this, we use specialty traction techniques. These methods are taught by the fine folks at Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) and are aimed to move patients’ spines towards ideal spinal curvatures through regular and frequent traction treatments, many of which are to be paired with “mirror image” rehabilitation and strengthening exercises. Some patients find this relaxing and often fall asleep during their traction session, while others are thankful when they are finished but find it otherwise tolerable and effective. Here are a few examples of patients who achieved the desired outcomes with traction.

Once we get pressure off the nerves and start to get muscles activated and at their proper length/tension, it’s important for us to help a patient reset their sensors, so their bodies know the difference between the “old them” and the “new them.” For this, we employ whole-body vibration, various balance techniques, and other exercises aimed at stability.

This encompasses much of a patient’s second phase of care. In our final phase of a treatment plan, we add strength to stability, which means adding a kettlebell during movements where they once used body weight or using various resistance bands to challenge the patient in a movement or stability exercise, to keep forcing their system to adapt and become bulletproof. Our rehab room is a fun place, and our rehab staff aims to make your experience in the office far elevated from that which you would expect to get either during a home exercise program or at a “big box” rehabilitation center.