Dry Needling

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Sometimes we need to get a little deeper below the surface in order to target a deep muscle or ligament tissue. Or there are cases where scar tissue is situated deep within structures and out of reach of our other techniques. When this happens and progress is slow, we use dry needling.

Dry needling is essentially a “Western” approach to traditional Chinese acupuncture. Rather than try to regulate different systems in the body, we are aiming to produce maximal pain relief, and relaxation, and to stimulate the healing of stubborn areas. Dry Needling has been extensively researched by various groups and organizations and is now known to trigger the release of endorphins locally as well as in your brain, as well as to turn on and speed up tissue healing times, both of which equal improve function, and decreased pain! The technique is actually quite comfortable. 

 We use safe and proper techniques to insert the needles where they are needed, and then we connect them to a small electric stimulation unit for maximal effect!