Our Story

Foundation Sport & Spine was established in May of 2013, soon after Dr. Porcher graduated from the National University of Health Sciences.

It was his vision to have a practice that would be much different than what people expected of chiropractic care–one would give people much more than the “industry standard.” While he always believed in the value of chiropractic treatment, even in its simplest and most stripped-down form, he wanted to build upon that.

Hence, Foundation Sport & Spine was born.

After opening the practice, Dr. Porcher worked part-time for another local chiropractic office, covering for a doctor on her maternity leave, and also waiting tables on the weekend at Ruby Tuesday. Twice a week, he also taught hitting and fielding lessons at a Baseball Facility that was formerly known as “The Ballpark in Mount Prospect,” until he was able to build up his patient base.

At the same time, Dr. Porcher worked hard to improve his own skill set, and he studied various techniques, most notably the “Be-Activated” Logical Muscle Activation System (now known in many places as RPR/Reflexive Performance Reset). In 2014 and 2015, Dr. Porcher was able to study directly under Douglas Heel, the South African mastermind behind the technique. Over the next few years, it was because of this evaluation & treatment system that Dr. Porcher found himself working with over a dozen high school sports teams in the NW Suburbs (many of which he still works with today!). The relationships with these teams and coaches have served as a great catalyst in Foundation Sport & Spine becoming what it has become today!

Over the years, Foundation Sport & Spine has employed a number of great doctors and practitioners, and at one time even served as a learning haven for several chiropractic student interns who desired to learn some clinical pearls from Dr. Porcher. And, just as those student doctors desired to learn and improve, we have always sought to ensure that our systems and processes continue to improve over the years. We are a practice that is still always working to grow in efficiency and excellence.

The doctors at FS&S are highly-trained, not only in techniques that are found in various industries including PT, athletic training, massage therapy, and personal training; but also in high-level chiropractic techniques. Day by day, they strive to put together the most effective treatment plans for their patients.

Foundation Sport & Spine is currently one office in one location, but keep an eye out for us in a few years—you might find us giving people back what their pain has taken away in many different locations!