Active Release Technique

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The spinal joint movement created by chiropractic treatment is essential to the health of your nervous system, but we take things a massive step forward at our office, and our doctors are certified providers of Active Release Techniques, or ART. Most professional sports teams have an ART provider on-site during their games/matches, and often one on staff to work on their athletes for injury recovery, injury prevention, and performance enhancement.

As a patient of Foundation Sport & Spine, you will be able to expect the same top-notch ART treatment as the pros every time you come in for a visit! Often known as the “Gold Standard of soft tissue correction,” we use ART to correct things like scar tissue, and adhesions that are in or between muscle, tendon, ligament, and nerves, and we are able to restore healthy movement and glide of these structures, which will greatly decrease your pain and improve your function! Many patients say that it feels like a good massage, probably even better, and who doesn’t love a good massage?