Success Stories

Dr. Nate Porcher with a patient in his clinic holding a sign that reads "Now, I am able to sleep better, live without consistent pain and enjoy time with my family"

Dr. Porcher, Dr. Pulver and the team are truly the best at what they do!

Matthew Pilalis

By far the MOST knowledgeable doctor we have ever been to

Fabian Reynoso

Dr. Porcher is the only reason I can continue to run at school and has helped me recover from several serious injuries

Nickolas Konstantinou

If I could give Dr. Porcher more than 5 stars, I would

Anthony Kies

I highly recommend their service, I wouldn’t be where I am today without them

Ethan Hanson

Thanks to Dr Porcher I’m getting my active life back!

Anne Kavooras
Dr. Nate Porcher posing with a patient at a gym
Dr. Nate Porcher posing with a patient holding a sign at his clinic

Dr. Porcher worked his magic and gave me the spine my mother in law always claims I don’t have!gbt

Julius Bosak

I couldn’t walk without pain last summer. Now I am running 20 miles regularly – pain free – as I train for the Chicago Marathon!

Matthew Lewellen

He is a miracle worker for the spine

Rina Rocks
Kristyn Rein
Kristyn Rein
Dr. Janet was probably my 5th opinion on what was going on with my knee. She is much more than just a chiropractor but is amazing at addressing the patients needs and helping athletes continue to perform throughout an injury. If you are looking for knowledge and expertise as an athlete - go to Foundation Sport & Spine!
Chris Swiatek
Chris Swiatek
I am so glad I found Dr. Janet. As a strength althete, I've dealt with lower back and shoulder issues for several years. She listened to exactly what my issues were and drew up a comprehensive treatment plan of A.R.T., Chiro, and stim. The office is clean, well managed and easy to find. It has been a long time since I have had pain free days, but after working with Dr. Janet, they are happening more often than not. I've been able to train harder than ever and her techniques have helped me with recovery & mobility. If you are an athlete or an office worker, I cannot recommend her enough.
Maggie Meersman
Maggie Meersman
Foundation sport and spine is wonderful. The staff is super friendly. Doctors Porcher and Dr. kakis are great, they know what they are doing. If you don’t go, that’s your fault. I’ll be honest, I went to see another chiropractor. But they couldn’t help me the way foundation sport and spine could. Be smart, and go.
Hilary Yelvington
Hilary Yelvington
Dr. Porcher is honest, empathetic and gets great results. I have a chronic illness that manifests in different symptoms at different times, whether it's migraines, shoulder pain or something else. Incorporating regular chiropractic treatment has reduced my migraines, alleviated shoulder and neck pain and tension, and generally improved my overall physical health so much. I am grateful that Dr. Porcher takes a holistic look at injuries and illness and puts together thoughtful treatment plans that put people like me on track for a healthy life long-term. He's built a team of smart and friendly people who make physical therapy, scheduling and payment painless, too. Dr. Porcher is a great chiropractor and a great guy!
Tobias Schaefer
Tobias Schaefer
Many thanks to the whole team! It was a great/amazing job what you did on my back! Best regards, from your German friend!
Rina Rocks
Rina Rocks
He is a miracle worker for the spine .
COVID Stay-Home Update: I was so happy to see Dr. Porcher started a soft-reopen and booked an appointment immediately to adjust me after several weeks at home. His office is immaculate, his precautions are well-considered and carried out, including quick temperature checks, and his work continues to be transformational. In times like this when so much seems out of control, it’s great to get me and my outlook a bit straightened out and revitalized, and I am grateful.